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Hank Huntington

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Top Stories by Hank Huntington

      It was time for a meeting with an expert turkey hunter.  Two days worth of pounding the farm ground, timber and pastures had produced nothing.  In fact, my trigger finger had developed a horrible itch.  With two days of rain forecasted, the meeting was held at a rural diner over breakfast.  We are both up really early regardless of what we are doing.   The first question asked was, "what has changed?"  Looking at the area it was exactly as it had been for ten years.  The second question was, "Are there any commercial hunting leases that have been set up?"  That required a call to the landowner. He told me a commercial hunting company had leased the timber to the east.  There were "NO TRESPASSING" signs posted along his lot line, but I never paid any attention to them as I never crossed the line.  Researching the company's name, we found they had built feed... (more)

It Is Time to Go Fishing

When I am not fishing , hunting, going to sport shows or scouting out a new area or lake, I like to review websites posted by the various states. My three favorites are Iowa, as I am a native and fish and hunt along the Missouri River bottoms. I review South Dakota because I fish the glacial lakes. Nebraska is referenced a lot as I hunt waterfowl, upland game, and deer in the state. Living in southwest Iowa along the Missouri River provides me with ample areas to hunt and fish. I should also add, I have no favorite as the sites are all outstanding. It just depends on where I go a... (more)

The Jewel in the Crown

Swan Lake is fifteen miles south of Webster, South Dakota.  The bait shop just kept saying this was the place to go for quantities of walleye.  Also, it has northern, which always adds to the excitement.  This turned out to be a jewel in the crown. Since I was fishing during the middle of the week, traffic on the lake was light.  I headed out the next morning to give it a try.  About fifteen miles south at the top a hill on the right side of the road stood a grove of pine trees.  Right before I reached the trees, there was a turn off.  I missed it the first try and had to back-... (more)

The Hung Up Toms

  Up north to another location was the plan.  After hunting just north of Fort Calhoun for ten years, the realization came that it was the spot not the hunter that had brought me so much success.  Just knowing the ground and where the birds hung out and their habits had brought a lot of success.  Nothing is static in the world and change is always taking place.  The ground to the east had been leased to a hunting company, and they were feeding the birds.  We all would go for a free meal.   This is the spot where for ten years I had excellent success.  The birds came from the... (more)

Fishing a New Lake

  It's a new lake east of Webster, SD and right on the edge of Waubay, SD. It is new for me, and it was fished years ago.  The impression formed by the glacial activity, the lake itself has been formed by rainfall and snow melt over the years and it is growing. The lake was originally a duck slough, but the floods in the 90s started filling it in.  Fifteen years ago, I fished the lake but there are so many within a 30 mile radius going back was never considered.  The lake is 20+ thousand acres and it is wide open.  This is a significant fact because South Dakota can get windy.... (more)