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  Nebraska gives fall turkey hunters and especially meat hunters like me a real opportunity. You can harvest hens or toms and your bag for the fall season is two birds. This is like manna from heaven. A lot of meat can be put in the freezer when you add in the ducks that will be taken along with deer, elk and other creatures which fly or feed in the corn fields. I was in the duck blind and there was a beautiful blue sky with some high fluffy clouds.  The sun felt good as it was cold when had arrived for another big slaughter.  The opening came and went and it got light with the sun scorching our eyeballs as the blinds face east.  Still, a bad day of duck hunting is better than a great day at work, not unless you are retired. By 10 AM it was obvious that while the company was really enjoyable, the duck and goose hunting was worthless and now with a warm south breeze,... (more)

The Great Turkey Hunt (Days 1 & 2)

The morning was cold after three days of rain, and getting up at 4 AM was a bit of a chore.  You have to be on site when they (the turkeys) come alive.  I headed north to Fort Calhoun, Nebraska with great hope and optimism.  My home work had been done.  It was one of those really black nights when I arrived at the landowner's home.  The road was dry as I weaved up his lane to the top of the hill.  Checking the road south to the area I wanted to hunt, it appeared dry as last night was very windy.  This saved time, and I didn't have to walk to the south end of the farm.  Loading up... (more)

The Deer Are in the Corn (Part 2)

There is one section of the farm north of Fort Calhoun I have never hunted.  As described in previous postings, this farm sits on top of a series of hills that rise steeply from the valley to the west.  The valley area is where the deer are hanging out.  These deer came up out of the river bottoms as the Missouri River flood water rose.  Here they are finding some very good dining.  Good for them, but not for the landowner.  He rotates his crops and this spring planted corn instead of beans.  Corn is around seven dollars a bushel and the deer have  big appetites. They like the c... (more)

Ouch! It is a January Pheasant Hunt

   One big snow with a good coating of ice hit in early January.  This followed by some unseasonably warm weather which melted most of it.  Then came the severe cold and severe wind chills.  If you live in Iowa or Nebraska, once a year you are going to get it.   It is no problem.  You just have to dress a little warmer and be prepared for some biting winds and cold temps.  Having said all that, the phone rang and it was my good friend John.  He wanted head up to Arlington, Nebraska and hunt some pheasants.  We hunt at the Little Creek Game Bird Farm owned by Dalvin and Betty... (more)

The Mallards Are Coming, The Mallards Are Coming

A fellow club member on a trip to North Dakota as of the first week of October had not shot a Mallard.  They were all north of the Canadian  border per his report.  But they will be coming as they do every year.  Another friend reported there were only 50,000 Mallards at Sand Lake National Wildlife reserve near Aberdeen, South Dakota.  They will be coming.  They always do. Sunrise at the blind   Temperatures in Bismarck, North Dakota were in the lower sixties to high fifties.  That is the same temperature pattern we are experiencing as we start the second week of October.  Th... (more)