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    Last week a blog was posted that disagreed with the weight of the Pike caught by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  The issue for me was not the quality of the fish, or the fact that the fish was an excellent catch, or who caught the fish, it was about the reported weight.  It was stated the Pike weighed 21 Kg.  Now as a retired health care worker, I know a little bit about converting pounds to kilograms and vice versa.  So here it is, one kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds.  Taking 2.2 times 21 Kg. you get 46.2 pounds.  This size of fish would be almost or over five feet long.  How do I know?  I have caught a fair amount of big pike in the last 50 years. Anyway, I am not into politics but hunting and fishing.  Regardless of where a public figure is from, be it the earth or Mars, they should get it right.  For your information Vladimir Putin was born in 1... (more)

I Love the Smell of Gunpowder in the Morning

The weather broke into really nice days for snow geese.  Southerly winds, warm early spring temperatures, and clear skies prevailed.  The lake was totally open and additional floater decoys were in the water.  This would make the difference when the flight resumed. Amazed was the word when I arrived to the hunting spot.   No one was there, and I was going to have it all to myself.  Now this was good and bad.  It is always nice to have company, but it is safer to hunt with someone.    By 9:30 the snow geese migration resumed with enormous high- flying flocks heading north riding o... (more)

The Great Turkey Hunt (Days 1 & 2)

The morning was cold after three days of rain, and getting up at 4 AM was a bit of a chore.  You have to be on site when they (the turkeys) come alive.  I headed north to Fort Calhoun, Nebraska with great hope and optimism.  My home work had been done.  It was one of those really black nights when I arrived at the landowner's home.  The road was dry as I weaved up his lane to the top of the hill.  Checking the road south to the area I wanted to hunt, it appeared dry as last night was very windy.  This saved time, and I didn't have to walk to the south end of the farm.  Loading up... (more)

A Fishing Tale

The Fisherman Behold the mighty Fisherman He riseth early in the morning and disturbeth the whole household Mighty are his preparations He goeth forth full of great hope And when the day is spent, he returneth smelling of strong drink And the truth is not in him.   Author Unknown The truth is I got skunked.  Although it was not for lack of trying hard.   The weekly fishing report from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced that walleye were on the spawn and in the shallows at Lake Manawa.  A DNR official at a sport show had provided advice on where to fish and how... (more)

Monster Catfish

  Check out the pictures below.   A friend send this brief article and pictures of a monster catfish. This monster from the deep has broken the record for the biggest freshwater fish caugh in Europe.  Measuring 8.2 feet long and weighing just over 250 pounds the gigantic catfish was heaved out of a lake after a 45 minute back-breaking tussle. Plucky angler Robereto Godi was nearly thrown into the water when the brute took his bait of a bream fish.  After an epic battle to reel it in, several other fishermen rushed to his aid to help him lift the beast onto a weighing frame and... (more)