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  Click on any of the banners or links for great buys.   After a good nights sleep, we were ready to hit it bright and early.  This time my wife, Pam, was up before I was because she wanted to get onto Bitter and catch a plethora of walleye.  The folks at Sportsman Cove had told us we would catch a lot of fish before we caught a keeper for us.  Apparently the state of South Dakota had removed the minimum on the lake and you can keep what you catch.  That is good and bad.  Anything smaller that 15 inches in our minds is not worth keeping.  You just don't get much meat out of fish that small.   We were at Casey's quick stop by 6:30 a.m. for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, the next stop was Bitter Lake.  We used the access at the southeast end of the lake which is a fine ramp and dock the state has put in. The bad news according to the people at Sportsman Cove, wa... (more)

Three Days of Walleye, Forget Day 3

    Click on a banner, you cannot own enough gear.   We awoke early and headed into Webster to grab some breakfast at Pereboms Restaurant.  The plan for the day was to fish till noon on Pickerel lake.  This is a beautiful lake and one of the original glacial lakes.  Clear deep water makes this body of water a real sleeper.  The people at Sportsman Cove never recommend it, but I always see a few boats working the various shoreline and points.  The lake is surrounded by upscale homes and it looks like some of the people live there year round. At the north end is a state area ... (more)

The Deer Are in the Corn (Part 2)

There is one section of the farm north of Fort Calhoun I have never hunted.  As described in previous postings, this farm sits on top of a series of hills that rise steeply from the valley to the west.  The valley area is where the deer are hanging out.  These deer came up out of the river bottoms as the Missouri River flood water rose.  Here they are finding some very good dining.  Good for them, but not for the landowner.  He rotates his crops and this spring planted corn instead of beans.  Corn is around seven dollars a bushel and the deer have  big appetites. They like the c... (more)

Walleye Central, Here I Come

 Pierre, South Dakota is not only the capital of this beautiful state but it has what is considered the premier lake in a chain of lakes that make up the Great Lakes of central South Dakota.   Oahe Dam forms Lake Oahe that extends from Pierre, South Dakota all the way to Bismark, North Dakota.  The lake covers more than 370,000 acres with a depth of up to 205 feet.  The lake is 231 miles long. With a shoreline of up to 2,250 miles, this allows for some of the best fishing habitat in the country. The lake is named for the Oahe Indian Mission.   Besides excellent population of... (more)

Four Lakes in 2.5 Days

 Northerly flow and stable conditions produced some excellent fishing.  Studying the weather for the last week and my wife and I decided to head north to Webster, South Dakota and fish a few of the many lakes in the region.  Checking in with Sportsman Cove we got the recomendations and what to use for bait.  We had a different idea in mind for bait and it wasn't live as I wanted to see if the success at Pierre could be duplicated. We wanted to drive up Friday evening and hit it really hard Saturday morning, but Webster was having it's yearly all school reunion and the motels wer... (more)